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Mary Carey (porn actress turned California gubernatorial candidate) 3. Sarah Steelman (Missouri state treasurer, gubernatorial candidate) 7. How about filming yourself driving 140 mph and then posting the evidence on You Tube?

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To many, John Mc Cain's choice of running mate has brought unprecedented eye candy to the presidential race.

But here are ten women in politics who outshine Palin in terms of, er, broad appeal.

The LTA nixed its sponsorship of the teens in October 2007 after discovering photos of Broady and Rice on social networking site Bebo showing them drunk, getting intimate with condom dispensers in public restrooms, and otherwise displaying "a lack of discipline." According to the Yorkshire Evening Post,"Naomi's Bebo profile showed her out on the town, with her legs wrapped round a toilet vending machine." No doubt trying to coax it to return the correct change. Throw her in the brig--or, if you're Millersville University, deny her a teaching degree.

That's what happened to Stacey Snyder, a then-27-year-old student teacher who posted a self portrait to her My Space page under the caption "drunk pirate," even though it was not clear from the photo exactly what liquid was in her plastic cup.

Amazingly, the town of 500 voted to recall her from office shortly after the photos went public.

Maybe they were afraid people would start setting fires, just to see what she was wearing when she showed up.

It will be too late to help Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, though.

The former mayor of Arlington, Oregon, got in hot water with her constituents after a family member posted photos to her My Space profile showing off her, umm, political assets in the town firehouse (where she worked as an executive secretary).

The results aren't pretty, but they are sometimes hilarious.

Here's our dirty dozen--12 pictures their owners probably wish they could take back.

Putting the faerie pix on his Facebook profile was the finishing touch.

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