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Punk rock[] had one of the most vibrant scenes in the early 1980s , rivaled only by and .

The and are the best known representatives of the scene, especially The Wipers, a major influence. Other hardcore bands in the 1980s included , , , and .

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developed a cult worldwide following with their garage-country punk, starting from the early 1990s.

Bluegrass and old-time[] Portland is home to a thriving and scene. Banjo player , who has branched out from traditional bluegrass music into , jazz, and other genres, currently lives in Portland.

Some of the artists include Hatiras, Forrest Avery, Roman Zawodny, DJ Deformaty, Ratta Tat Patt, and Abrasion Equation.

EDM is playing in many clubs and venues downtown, some catering to this genre in specific, such as The Refuge and The Watershed.

However, throughout most of its history, the state has been relatively isolated from the cultural forces shaping American music.

Much of modern traces its roots to the emergence in the late 19th century of and the growth of in the 1920s.

They have remained unsigned to a major label for over 20 years and have managed to be voted the best band of Portland for 2009 in addition to frequently selling out major venues like the and the .

Other prominent musicians have relocated to Portland, including (of ), (of ), (of ), (of ), former leader (of ) and former guitarist (of and ).

Eastern Europe and the Middle East has music and dance representation through groups such as , Vagabond Opera, , The Underscore Orkestra, Balkan And Beyond, Kef, The Mora, Vequinox, 3 Leg Torso and .

There are three Argentine Tango ensembles that play frequently at Portland , the , , and the .

The Portland Old-Time Music Gathering takes place in mid-January each year, with a variety of Northwest musicians, jamming, and square dancing.

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