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Indie music[] In recent years, a number of bands from Portland which have played local venues have won recording contracts with promoters such as and and have been touring nationally. Electronic Dance Music[] Electronic Dance Music has recently become extremely popular in the past several years.Many amazing producers are coming out of Portland and making an impact on music today.The city's reputation as a mecca has paralleled the rise of local indie musicians such as , , , , and the late .

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The state's main contributions to American popular music began in the 1960s, when and established Oregon as a minor center of and .

This led in one direction to the tradition of the and , and in another direction to the scene of the early 1980s , led by the in and like-minded bands in and .

The Portland Old-Time Music Gathering takes place in mid-January each year, with a variety of Northwest musicians, jamming, and square dancing.

This event attracts a more diverse audience than is found at Old-Time events in the rest of the state.

frontwoman spent time in Portland, and was active in the city's punk scene at the time.

She initially met frontman at the Satyricon club in 1989.

However, throughout most of its history, the state has been relatively isolated from the cultural forces shaping American music.

Much of modern traces its roots to the emergence in the late 19th century of and the growth of in the 1920s.

African American musicians borrowed elements of European and Indigenous musics to create new American forms.

As Oregon's population was more homogeneous and more white than the United States as a whole, the state did not play a significant role in this history.

Portland's is the second largest blues festival in the country.

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