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The findings, published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, delineate four major types of casual sex encounters: the one-night stand, the booty call, the friend with benefits and the "sex" buddy (the actual term is more profane).

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The new terminology is a far cry from the dainty monikers used by scientists in the 1960s – "permissiveness without affection" and "premarital coitus." "Young adults appear to be developing broader conceptualizations of what constitutes a relationship," wrote lead author Jocelyn Wentland, a Ph D student in experimental psychology at the University of Ottawa's Human Sexuality Research Laboratory.

"It's about a prolonged adolescence" ahead of increasingly delayed marriages, said Ms. While "casual sex relationship" screams oxymoron to many, those who chronically engage in loose liaisons would beg to differ; it would be worthwhile for all clinicians and sex educators to learn their language, the researchers argue, especially as casual becomes increasingly normal.

Researchers from the University of Ottawa have gleaned plenty about the shadowy rules of engagement in casual relationships – no, it's not okay to sleep over after a booty call – after extensive interviews with 18- to 24-year-old students.

They also conducted online focus groups with 900 respondents under age 30.

"This study provides evidence that poor mental health can lead to casual sex, but also that casual sex leads to additional declines in mental health." Adolescents from 80 American schools and 52 middle schools were interviewed when they were in grades seven to twelve and then again when they were aged 18 to 26.

They were asked questions about relationships, depression and thoughts of suicide.

"But these results suggest that poor mental health and casual sex are linked, whether you're a man or a woman." Researchers found that each additional casual sexual relationship increased the odds of suicidal thoughts by 18 percent.

However they also found that although casual sex was linked to suicidal thoughts, it did not have any effect on depressive symptoms.

"We need to look at multiple indicators of mental health, including suicidal thoughts." "The goal should be to identify adolescents struggling with poor mental health so that we can intervene early before they engage in casual sexual relationships," said Sandberg-Thoma.

"Young adulthood is a time when people begin to learn how to develop long-term, satisfying and intimate relationships," said Dr Kamp Dush.

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