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She’ll get to see everything they can, and talk directly to them — but neither will see what the other person looks like.At the end of the day, the woman must decide who has won her heart based solely on lifestyle, personality and emotional chemistry.

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Oh, she’ll be sitting next to “Step By Step” star Christine Lakin, who hosts the show.

Over the course of just one day, a young woman will “meet” three single men through their live-streamed point of view and as much two-way conversation as the two can handle.

Other than that, “9JKL” is generally both bland and obvious.

Just about every plot turn on “9JKL” can be seen coming, and the parents are so gratingly oblivious and interfering that it’s hard to get invested in the plight of Josh, or any other character.

His brother, Andrew (David Walton), a cocky surgeon, and his wife, Eve (Liza Lapira), live on the same floor of the building.

Josh is quite literally sandwiched between his brother and his parents, which is not exactly every divorced adult’s dream.

The best thing about “9JKL” is its supporting cast: Matt Murray charmingly plays Nick, the friendly doorman, and Albert Tsai brings his usual sharp timing to the role of Ian, a kid who hangs out in the lobby a lot.

Walton, who has been a welcome presence in a host of short-lived sitcoms, brings his usual lanky charm to the role of Andrew.

What was great about Season 1, for me, was that there were so many amazing, strong female characters, which is rare for television these days. I don't even want to get into how awful that season was with Kara taking a back seat to Mon El's story while having to watch her eventually hook up with him and become a side character in her own show.

Fast forward to what we've endured so far in Season 3...

You don't have to write down to kids in the audience.

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