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Change the script given above by putting in a One time, I ruined my file that is used by the apt program and Synaptic to obtain packages and upgrades for Ubuntu.

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Once Duplicity is installed and an FTP account is ready to receive the backup files, then it's time to make a small script to test it out. Copy and paste the following lines of code into the new document. You can then make the file executable and not readable by others using the command The above script will cause Duplicity to back up the /etc directory into compressed and encrypted volumes with the specified pass phrase, and then upload the backup files to the FTP account that is set up for it using the username and password specified.

I'm going to make some assumptions on what the files contain.

That behavior is fine for me since I normally like to check out the restored file first instead of just overwriting the current file with the one found in the backup set.

Also note that by default there is no output to this command if it completes successfully.

Still others need to be accessed with the command line.

Besides the interfaces of various backup applications, these applications have varied functions.

In order to get the pass phrase to restore the files that I keep in GPass, I would have to decrypt the GPass files with the very same pass phrase.

If you are sending a file with FTP from the i Series with text in mixed languages (for example: Arabic and English), you may encounter issues with the translation table for the double-byte characters for the Arabic language on the i Series.

The command above restores from the last backup found on my web host FTP account to my home directory.

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