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"Sebastian" agrees to put in a good word for Duke if he promises to train him to be a better soccer player.

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Channing tatum dating life

At the Junior League carnival, where her mother has made her volunteer, Viola works a shift at the kissing booth and shares a kiss with Duke.

Duke expresses to "Sebastian" that he might move on from Olivia as he is starting to like Viola now.

Viola and Duke share a kiss before joining the crowd.

At the end of the film, Viola and Duke are shown happily playing on Illyria's soccer team together.

Viola introduces Sebastian and Olivia officially, and they begin dating.

Viola and Sebastian's divorced parents also make up, exchanging contact information so as to be better parents towards their children.The film centers on teenager Viola Hastings who enters her brother's school in his place, pretending to be a boy, in order to play with the boys' soccer team after her team gets cut at her school.Viola Hastings (Amanda Bynes) is a teen girl who plays for Cornwall College’s soccer team until the team gets cut.At the ball, Viola is skeptical that Duke will show up; she distracts herself by assisting Olivia, who is being escorted by Sebastian to the ball, and is touched when Paul asks to be her date.Her mother shows up with a dress that will suit Viola's "no ruffles" policy, but Viola decides to go for a walk instead.Viola, who is unaware of Olivia's true intentions, is enraged instead because Duke has now abandoned his interest in Viola.

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