Charlyne yi and michael cera dating

I think it really informed their relationship on camera, just the fact that they were becoming great friends while making the movie.

I've heard Charlyne say that they were such good friends on camera that it was strange when they came back to LA and didn't really hang out as much.

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[Laughs] It was almost like all for the sake of the movie.

This is a very "meta" movie..much of what was going on behind the scenes influenced what you'd then put in front of the camera?

How did you get Jake Johnson, who plays you in the film, to replicate your behind-the-scenes chemistry with Charlyne?

They really were bonding the entire time during shooting.

We had to really scale that back, because we didn't want it to be distracting.

We thought, "Hey, that's an interesting subtext if it's in there," but we definitely didn't want people to think that.

And it's not a straightforward comedy like the ones Michael is known for. I think it was a double-edged sword: It created a lot of excitement, but I think it also created expectations that were never gonna be met because it is sort of a different, specific film. You told me once before that when you had the inkling that you were going to win the screenwriting award at Sundance, you felt a lot of mixed emotions.

I'm not sure if the Sundance people would appreciate us talking about it, but they'd given us a heads-up that Charlyne and I should be there for the awards ceremony...

But it's very much of a brother-sister relationship.

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