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And it's not a straightforward comedy like the ones Michael is known for. I think it was a double-edged sword: It created a lot of excitement, but I think it also created expectations that were never gonna be met because it is sort of a different, specific film. You told me once before that when you had the inkling that you were going to win the screenwriting award at Sundance, you felt a lot of mixed emotions.

I'm not sure if the Sundance people would appreciate us talking about it, but they'd given us a heads-up that Charlyne and I should be there for the awards ceremony...

I think it really informed their relationship on camera, just the fact that they were becoming great friends while making the movie.

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When we made it, we weren't really sure how we were going to talk about the reality of the film, so we never announced it -- and really, it's such a small movie, it didn't really require a Variety announcement. Then we got into Sundance -- we found out a few weeks before and you're not supposed to tell anybody, but I think everyone in town kind of knows.

And a few days before the announcement, there's this Hollywood Reporter article about the "secret Michael Cera comedy that's set to play Sundance." Like, "This is the one to look out for!

We had to really scale that back, because we didn't want it to be distracting.

We thought, "Hey, that's an interesting subtext if it's in there," but we definitely didn't want people to think that.

Even in that comedy scene, where you see a lot of unique things, I'd never seen anyone like her.

She's so specific, too: She's this tiny, little, young-looking girl doing comedy in this alternative world.But it's very much of a brother-sister relationship.In fact, early on, people used to think we were dating, and we were always disgusted by that. I think because we never saw each other that way at all. Cera has the leading character in a comedy film Superbad. He is famous for his role George Michael Bluth in the movie Arrested Development. Cera's father is a Sicilian and his mother is of English ancestry. There are rumors that Cera have been dating Charlyne Yi since 2006, she is an actress but they broke up on 2009. He has played a characters with awkward social tendencies., not only do stars Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera play themselves, but director Nicholas Jasenovec casts an actor to play his own stand-in, who directs Yi on a voyage of romantic self-discovery.

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