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We just adopted a little girl, she is now 18 months old and we have had her since she was 12 days old as foster parents.

We decided we as a family would like to have one more child. Every website and wives tell on the internet was saying girl.

If you're pregnant for the second time and your whole pregnancy is very different from your first pregnancy than it's the opposite sex as your first child.

There are many other myths due to pregnancy but those are the only one's I can think of regarding gender determination.

We are having a girl as you predicted when I requested a four year gender selection test.

We are so excited as we have 2 boys and they are looking forward to the arrival of a beautiful baby sister to love and cherish.I've learned to tell the two personalities apart and I look forward to the moment when I can tell the grandmother ahead of me in the checkout line that we've decided not to find out what we were having so we can be surprised. No matter which way you go, you go with what is most comfortable to you. I used your online baby gender predictor and the result was a Boy.Few weeks later, our scan confirmed that we are having a baby Boy. I will recommend your site to everyone.""A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!In the past there was no decision to be made: to find out the sex of the baby or not. The ultrasound machine wasn't invented until the 1960's so up until that time, if you wanted to know what you were having you simply had to wait for the big day or rely on the old wives tales for gender determination.There are the basic myths: if you're carrying low it's a girl, high it's a boy (I've also heard the reverse).Sexual reproduction involves the combining and mixing of genetic traits: specialized cells known as gametes combine to form offspring that inherit traits from each parent.

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