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When she tells you something interesting, tell her how smart you think she is; when she tells you how much she cares about certain things, tell her how cute you think it is. Girls of different origin like to be complimented on different things.Young Chinese girls have a kind of obsession with being cute, so don’t forget to tell her how cute she is or how cute her message was etc. For example, American girls like to be complimente d on their lips, hair and personal style, while Chinese girls take pride in their long legs, narrow cute faces, white complexion, and long eyelashes. I'm also looking for someone interested in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

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Chinese girls are naturally quite shy because of their strict upbringing, which is why they tend to respond well to confident and dominant types of men. Here’s a quick example: let’s say a girl helps homeless animals to find new owners.

By chatting with her on this subject, you can sometimes call her a ‘cute helper’. Western guys who want to need to always remember this: Chinese girls love romantic fairy tale stories and t hey are very tender and loving creatures, which is why you should focus on building a strong emotional connection with her.

Like any other girls, Chinese girls are very passionate about traveling. Even sexy Chinese girls are generally shy, so they might change the subject when you compliment their appearances.

Your goal is to make her smile (even though you won’t be able to see it, but you’ll likely feel it) so that she’ll look forward to chatting with you next time. Instead, opt for complimenting her personality, since the ability to see what’s inside a girl is much appreciated by Chinese women.

Be Sherlock Holmes and use your deduction skills here!

’, you could browse through her profile page (if you’re chatting via Facebook) and see what kind of things she’s into.I like walking, reading, movies, badminton, afternoon tea, opera, clas.. I am looking for a very simple but good heart guy to spend rest of our life together happily . I'm a positive and honest Chinese woman looking for an interesting man who I can communicate well with. Do not spend much time talking about work or college, it doesn’t usually bring a smile to anyone’s face.Chat about traveling, tell her where you’ve been, what you’ve seen and ask her to tell you her traveling stories.In such a way, she will know that you remember and appreciate what she is passionate about. Make her think about you even when her laptop/smartphone is switched off.

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