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In 1984, when the MX range was introduced with (the forerunner of ), TV sound was produced by passive log-line loudspeakers, producing either stereo or mono sound.

Whether coming from a television programme or VHS, Betamax or Video 2000 VCR, it was only experienced as coming from the TV itself.

Another central element to the MX concept is modularity.

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Beo Vision MX8000 Press Release - October 2002 Bang & Olufsen launches 18-year old TV - Original concept endures whilst technologies change "The device appears as a well-formed cabinet from the front.

From the rear, the encapsulation of the picture tube is so well done that the device may be enjoyed from all angles.

Connections Connections to Bang & Olufsen's and VCR are undertaken simply and easily; Beo Vision MX 8000 also features the ability to serve as a Beolink® master, distributing sound and picture throughout the home. There are three placement options - a stand (with optional shelf for or - as in above picture), a motorised floor stand and a motorised base.

It also has its own in-built stand to tilt back the set (as in /).

Sound Quality TV sound is driven by powerful 40 watt .

Surround sound The Dolby® Digital surround sound module is a new optional feature that allows the MX 8000’s existing speakers to act as centre channel in a surround sound setup. 910556171 Game of book thrones sparknotes 2 ### Honda hf 1211 owners manual &&& Bleach guide hollow --- 2034531123 1281e9d85ea3d9692855d0 ## Non guide domestic services 2010 building Manufactured: 2002 - 2006 Designer: David Lewis Colours: Black, blue, grey, white, light blue Beo Vision MX8000 - original concept endures while technologies change "Whereas the MX TVs we produce today look the same on the outside as those we produced in the mid-1980s, they are completely different on the inside", states Torben Ballegaard Sørensen, Bang & Olufsen President and CEO.Beo Vision MX8000 is a 66cm (viewable screen) television and was introduced in October 2002 as a replacement for and .Operation of all products takes place via the remote control.ACCESSORIES - TV/Video Stand/Brackets: Beo Vision MX8000 motorised base (Part no 1407311) ACCESSORIES - TV/VIDEO: Beo Vision MX8000 DSS module (Dolby Surround Sound) (Part no 1400501) Beo Vision MX8000 Specifications Market, Intro year and Last sold: Market: Type: Intro.The stacked-build of the device makes it possible to place it in a corner…

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