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I heard she did an excited job at boot camp and I'm excited to see how she did." Joe also gave his support to his friend and mentor Cheryl Cole, now rumoured to be dating Derek Hough."If Cheryl's happy then I'm happy and if they are a couple - then good on them." Joes new single is expected next month, and he also confirmed that he'll launch his album at London's G-A-Y club on the weekend before the big release.I can see why people say we're like brother and sister."Earlier this week, Mc Elderry confirmed that he was straight and single, but not looking for a girlfriend at the moment.

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"I can't say what it's called yet but I'm so excited about everyone hearing it. I'm having an X Factor party and plan to watch it with a massive group of friends and family.

I'm definitely going to push to show off some dance moves in the video too. All the contestants will be feeling nervous now, but that's to be expected and they'll have a blast." And has the show completely changed Joes life? I wasn't standing next to Angelina Jolie at a premiere this time last year." The new X Factor series features several guest judges including Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Nicole Sherzinger who was brought in as a replacement for Cheryl Cole after she was diagnosed with malaria.

The Girls Aloud beauty has been romantically linked with the 'Dancing with the Stars' professional since earlier this year - shortly after her split from Ashley Cole...

Joe Mc Elderry is back, along with the reality tv show that catapulted him to nationwide fame, and he believes that his imminent debut album will not be quite what everyone expected.

KEVIN HUGHESS X FACTOR TIPS Yes, I've seen the first episode of the new X Factor series and you don't want to miss it.

The show features the three judges, Louis Simon and Cheryl in Glasgow and London for the first round of auditions.

British singer JOE MCELDERRY is facing a hefty bill from his new video shoot after water flooded the set and damaged two expensive cameras.

The 19 year old, who won Simon Cowell's reality show The X...

Jade Jagger showed off her dance moves at the launch party of Sing Star Dance on Play Station Move on Tuesday night ().

The jewellery designer - the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger and Bianca...

Gay singer JOE MCELDERRY is relieved his sexuality revelation was accepted by fans - because he was so "nervous" about 'coming out'.

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