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New York City has been a place where writers find inspiration since the early days of its founding.

Summertime can be brutal and you might want to wear only shorts and dresses, but winter in New York requires lots of layers.

But there are a few things to add to your bag, no matter what the season.

Grab a Metro card as soon as you get to the city and top it up throughout your trip as needed.

It’s often cheaper to buy a 7 day pass if you’ll be visiting for that amount of time, but if you’re not sure how much you’ll use it, you can simply put money on it as you go. Taxis tend to be more expensive, especially getting to and from the airport, so look for other options to save money.

A subway map app is also helpful, as is Google Maps.

Looking up directions on your phone looks less touristy than holding a full map.If we’ve left anything out or you’d like to add to the conversation, please leave comments below!New York City is very easy to get around on public transportation.New York City has so many museums worth checking out, but you don’t have to spend all your money on them.Not only are there plenty of free museums, but even the main museums have one day out of every month where you can either go for free or pay by donation. For example, I recently visited the Neue Galerie and since they were doing work on one of their main galleries, entry was by donation.Delis are also a great place to grab a meal and have just about everything you could need.

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