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New York City has so many museums worth checking out, but you don’t have to spend all your money on them.

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Try looking for accommodation in the Financial District, the Upper West Side and even across the bridge in Brooklyn or Queens.

Expect to pay about double for everything from accommodation to attractions and food.

Hotels close to tourist attractions are much higher in price than in other neighborhoods.

You won’t be hanging out in Times Square during your entire trip, so make it more of a priority to be close to the subway rather than close to attractions.

Summertime can be brutal and you might want to wear only shorts and dresses, but winter in New York requires lots of layers.

But there are a few things to add to your bag, no matter what the season.Comfortable shoes– Most travelers do of walking while visiting New York City, even if it’s simply walking to and from the subway station.In the winter, pack worn-in, waterproof boots and in the summer, wear walking shoes.I mostly use it to mean any place that doesn’t have standard table service.Carts on the street sell everything from hot dogs and pretzels to halal-friendly gyros.Smartphone Full of Apps– Getting around is much simpler with a smartphone full of helpful NYC travel apps.

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