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And it doesn’t mean that you’re not feminine or you can’t be vulnerable when it comes to things but at the same time, you don’t lose who you are. But those teachings and things from my mom and big mama helped me.Tionne was the same way -- her mom was really strong.With this album, were you looking to help women of all ages cope with whatever they were going through? Truly, these are stories -- some of that stuff is from our own experiences, and just other people we’ve heard about, so we wanted to be that voice. So we’d be inside the studio, having fun with him all the time.

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" Because we looked like babies, but we were grown. With independent-women anthems like "Bad By Myself," were there certain people in your lives who encouraged that confidence and belief in self?

I can definitely speak for myself on that, because I was raised by my mom and my great-grandmother.

Seeing these very strong women do the damn thing, I admired that so much, and wanted to be like that.

I thought it was strong and a really great quality to have. I mean, if you can avoid it all together, try to avoid that!

I can’t remember how many O’s we had in the ‘Ooooooohhh’ but it was very important to get the right amount.

That came last-minute, because we always say we’re on our own tip and then once TLC started saying "Ooooooohhh," the Ooooooohhh’s got longer.

When you hear it, it won’t feel like it’s old music.

It’s TLC today because that’s the one thing that’s kind of hard -- once you figure out what your niche is and people fall in love with you as an artist for certain things, moving forward, you want to be able to evolve, but you have to keep that key ingredient that makes you, you and that makes you the artist that people love and admire.

There’s nothing wrong with that look, but it wasn’t what we felt comfortable in. Once we found our niche and were really comfortable about it, then we really went on with it. After a while, no one really wanted to hang out with us because they knew we were gonna do something to them -- girl or guy, it didn’t matter.

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