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Thomas decided not to change the story arc he had planned for Jackie, as he believed Thompson was "a fantastic actress and she's got more to play." He said that whether fans ended up liking Jackie was "up in the air", but he hoped that they did because "she's really, really good".

Ryan Hansen portrayed Dick Casablancas, an 09er friend of Logan, a womanizer and former high-school bully turned frat boy.

Piz was introduced in the third season as a series regular, and was named after the director of the pilot, Mark Piznarski.

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Fan reaction to the character was generally negative, particularly after Veronica witnessed Jackie talking to a guy while dating Wallace.

Thomas blamed the character's reception on his error in judgment: he had hoped fans would question whether it was Jackie or Veronica in the wrong, however the audience automatically assumed that it was Jackie.

When reading with Bell, Dohring acted the whole scene as if he was the one who raped her, and tried to give the character an evil feel.

Percy Daggs III portrayed Wallace Fennel, Veronica's best friend and frequent partner in mystery solving.

Dohring acted one scene from the pilot; bashing the headlights of a car in with a tire iron.

During the final auditions, Dohring read two times with Bell, and met with the studio and the network.

and was told by the producers that it was "not really right".

The producers then asked Dohring to read for the role of Logan.

Parker was introduced in the third season as a series regular.

Chris Lowell played Stosh "Piz" Piznarski, Wallace's roommate at Hearst College and a music lover with his own campus radio show.

Dohring originally auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane.

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