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The former Doctor Who star said there is still a distinct shortage of dramas about working-class people and, asked why, replied: “Class hatred, it’s very simple.And it’s the present government.“There’s hatred – Brexit, there’s a lot of hatred around, there’s a lot of desire for separateness and a hatred of difference.”He added: “The question to be asked is why are so few working-class writers coming through?

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Through all of this, medical and military officials harshly shout instructions at you, while TV screens show news reports of chaos on the streets.

Combined with the dimly lit post-apocalyptic setting, the atmosphere is enjoyably claustrophobic, only broken by the nagging sense that money is draining out of your wallet at an alarming rate.

On arrival you're handed a surgical mask and ordered here and there for interviews, physical examinations and eventually an oral vaccination that seems to make everything go blurry and then pitch black.

When you "wake up" all hell has broken loose, and you are sent running through a series of blood-drenched corridors and stairwells, encountering characters and settings from the film as zombies lunge from every corner.

But there's a lot of fun to be had (if not many scares) spending several hours trying to survive in a world overrun by the undead.

The set-up is very clever: you are given an appointment at an NSH hospital in a secret London location, and told to wear scrubs or protective clothing.In the safe zone, food and drink is for sale, and you get a chance to relax a bit, play a game, have a dance.Finally, you're led into an inventively themed cinema to watch the 2002 film as on-screen elements are performed around you.– in fact, the whole series is being rewritten with a new lead cast.Series 1 of the show aired in April and May last year and in September, the channel confirmed that a second run, comprising of four episodes, would screen in 2016.The characters of Robert and Katy, maintaining their cover and providing a place of safety for those in need of protection is a compelling idea.

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