Citrus heights dating

:) It compliments the cold but also provides something warm in chilly air.The grapefruit and ginger are the two notes I get the most throughout the entire wear (which also lasts an entire day on 2 sprays for me) Sillage is excellent. When I purchase a fragrance, I'm not only going for a good quality fragrance, I'm looking for something truly unique and not something the perfume lady is trying to sell you, touting it as a best-seller around the holiday season.I've tried dozens of parfumes own quite a few, and even though all of them does smell nice, I never, literally have the urge to smell them.

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All other fragrances people say smell "clean" are not at all on the same level as this one.

You can literally smell other fragrances and be able to identify that they are parfumes, because they are offensive and strong most of the time. In fact, I'm fucking obsessed with this smell, I can't stop inhaling it.

After shave lotion with innovative splash formula is also on the market. I used to wear this about 2-3 times a week but can't say I've wore it in 2-3 years now.

i think bleu chanel is a nice summer fragrance with good performance but this is a very common scent, you can find cheaper frags with this exact scent. I still think it's a quality fragrance and has very good performance, almost too good.

This one however, would be hard to guess for anyone that it's "just a parfume". It's so inoffensive that I can literally deep inhale the smell all the time, all day long.

If I do the same with Dior Sauvage or some of the other perfumes, I would choke.And understandably a basis for countless other freshies to follow.For whatever reason, the top notes remind me very much of mandarin orange, though it's not indicated above. is it really deserving of the price it commands, much less its fanatical following? For one thing, as great as it smells when you put it on, just wait an hour or two and you will witness quite the disappearing act.When you buy a cheap deodorant with the "same smell" it wont be as quality as this one, matter of fact, you would probably just end up spraying a pile of shit on yourself.But Chanel has taken "generic" smell sure, but they made it be worth it with everything else.It smells good, like really good, But it is not unique at all!

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