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Workplace intimidation includes illegal sexual harassment and discrimination, but is not limited to illegal behavior.

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Aggression in the workplace is commonplace but rarely mentioned, and if companies are to tap the talents of all their workers, it must be addressed.

Aggression takes many forms–from intimidating tactics in meetings to sexual overtures—and can range from active to passive. ” this kind of aggression can unnerve most people and make them feel what they’ve said is not credible.

Your tormentors may even accuse you of bullying them if you stand up to them.

Workplace intimidation always decreases productivity by lowering morale and increasing internal frictions within the company.

On the second day of Ellen Pao’s testimony earlier this month, the former Kleiner Perkins partner told the court that the VC firm expected her to participate in an “interrupt-driven environment.” They even gave her coaching so she could interrupt back.

This statement during one of Silicon Valley’s highest-profile gender discrimination suits to date says a lot about the intimidating work environment many female–and male–leaders face.From scathing put-downs to pointed words like, “Really? I experienced aggression in meetings when I was a young speechwriter as part of a PR team of bright professionals.Despite the talent in the room, our boss attacked everyone who spoke.It was difficult for her to keep her train of thought.Aggression can also include inappropriate sexual comments or even sexual advances.People will respect you more if you do not tolerate interruptions. And the smile shows that you are not intimidated–and that you find the questions slightly amusing or even gratifying because they provide a platform for your confident answer. Realize that this is an opportunity to show you are not afraid.

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