Compensated dating service hong kong

Compensated dating is not legally defined in law but the Crime Ordinance states that any person who solicits for any immoral purpose or loiters for the purpose of soliciting for any immoral purpose is committing an offence.

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Clients often have high social standing and stable incomes.

Some even try to make this form of prostitution seem normal and even glamorous, Chung said.

For the prevalence of CD and JP, about 2 % of the respondents had ever engaged in CD, and less than 0.6 % had engaged in JP.

Interestingly, males reported a higher percentage of CD and JP than did females.

Police issued an earlier appeal after 16-year-old Wong Ka-mui was beheaded and had her body dismembered after agreeing to go on a compensated date.

Her killer, 24-year-old Ting Kai-tai, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the High Court in July.

He added that the police will post warning messages on websites, and cooperate with non-governmental organizations to identify youngsters in the business.

The Hong Kong Christian Service called on parents to improve their communications with their kids and teachers to try to connect better with their students to warn them about the dangers of compensated dating.

A girl took the job for money to buy a luxury mobile phone strap that cost several thousand Hong Kong dollars. That mobile phone strap constantly reminds her that she is engaged in the sex trade," Chung said, adding that the girl feels regret.

"First, she wanted to buy a strap, and more luxury products or items she likes afterwards. There are syndicates that provide accommodation to girls who have abandoned their families. Some contract sexually transmitted diseases, Chung said.

The organization said it will cooperate with schools to deliver the warning.

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