Consolidating private loans companies

I used Credible to get personalized offers for a hypothetical student graduating from my own alma mater, American University, in 2016.

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When it falls, student loan interest rates fall, too.

The number that matters is the yield during the May Treasury auction.

Meanwhile, rates on Direct Unsubsidized Loans for graduate students sat at 6% and rates for Direct PLUS Loans are at 7%.

Remember, even though rates can reset each year, the rate you receive when your loan is first disbursed remains your rate for the life of the loan.

All products are presented without warranty." Figuring out how to pay for college can be a stressful, complicated process.

I remember being overwhelmed when I started at a pricey private college, which I paid for with a hodgepodge of scholarships, grants, federal and private loans, work study, and my own money.

The interest rate on your loan is the percentage of the principal, or overall loan amount, that you’ll have to pay back to the lender on top of the principal.

This is calculated many times over the life of your loan on the total amount you owe, including the interest and fees.

Below, I’ll list each type of loan in descending order of desirability, with the most favorable loans first.

A federal Perkins Loan is almost always going to be your best student loan option if you are eligible.

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