Consolidating resort

The stand is particularly steep, meaning that fans are kept relatively close to the pitch.

On the concourse there are TV's by the refreshment serving areas showing the game live and with the bars being open during the game, this is too much of a temptation for some.

I was attracted to it by a flag at the top of the new Invincibles Stand that read ' True Prestonians Love a Butter Pie!

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James Prentice adds; ' I would recommend the ' Butter Pie', which is a bit of a local delicacy.

It is just a normal pie but with a filling of very buttery mashed potato and onion.

This pub normally has a good mix of home and away supporters, although for certain high profile games and local derbies the pub does not admit away supporters.

There is a good sized beer garden & car park at the pub.

The pub does charge for parking (£3) but this can be redeemed against a purchase at the bar.

Good food is available and children are allowed in.Each has a likeness of a past player outlined on the seats and is named after that player.Tom Finney, Bill Shankly and goalkeeping legend Alan Kelly, are all honoured and this makes a welcome change from the boring letters outlined on most new stands.James Pritchett adds to get to the Sumners; ' Make sure you go towards Sainsburys and away from the Town Centre and it should take five minutes.As you go past Sainsburys turn right at the lights and it is half way up the hill. The pub welcomes a mix of away and home support and are friendly towards families.There is not a great deal in the way of pubs in close proximity to the ground.

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