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Lucia had been so proud and happy that her heart had pounded and her throat had hurt, though she was only nine then, and couldn't know much about the ceremony except that Marcellus was expected to act like a man now—though sometimes he forgot to, when Demetrius wasn't about. 'I hope not, sir.' Marcellus sat tentatively on the broad arm of the chair as a fair compromise between candid reticence and complete explanation.

Lucia pursed her full lips and grinned as she thought of their relationship; Demetrius, two years older than Marcellus, always so seriously respectful, never relaxing for an instant from his position as a slave; Marcellus, stern and dignified, but occasionally forgetting to be the master and slipping absurdly into the role of intimate friend. Lucia loved to watch them together at such moments. 'Your manner,' observed his father, pointedly, 'suggests that you are worried.

Apparently Decimus, who had been training them, thought they were ready now for active duty.

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One of Father's hobbies, and his chief extravagance, was the possession of valuable slaves. Gaius already knows you have a keen sense of humor.' * * * * * Having decided to accept his sister's counsel, Marcellus was anxious to perform his unpleasant duty and be done with it.

The Gallio family did not own very many, for Father considered it a vulgar, dangerous, and ruinously expensive vanity to have swarms of them about with little to do but eat, sulk, and conspire. Tell him there's nobody in the whole Empire as wise as he is. Prudence suggested that he seek an interview through the formal channels and await the convenience of the Prince; but, increasingly impressed by the gravity of his position, he resolved to ignore the customary court procedure and take a chance of seeing Gaius without an appointment.

Everything had happened at once in Demetrius' family. ' Lucia brightened a little and laid her hand on his arm. 'If you have the time, I will tell you.' Gallio nodded, put down his stylus, and leaned forward on his folded arms encouragingly. Gallio, who had listened attentively but without comment, now shook his leonine head and shouted 'No! 'Even in the most favorable circumstances, as when placating an injured friend, a self-abasing apology may do much harm.

His father had been executed, his two elder brothers had been given to the new Legate of Achaea, his patrician mother had committed suicide; and Demetrius—tall, handsome, athletic—had been brought to Rome under heavy guard, for he was not only valuable but violent. If the friend is contented with nothing less, he should not be served with it at all; for his friendship is not worth its upkeep.

He selected his slaves with the same discriminating care that he exercised when purchasing beautiful statuary and other art objects. Upon the return of a military expedition from some civilized country, the commanding officers would notify a few of their well-to-do acquaintances that a limited number of high-grade captives were available; and Father would go down, the day before the sale, and look them over, learn their history, sound them out, and if he found anything he wanted to add to his household staff he would bid. By appearing at the Palace shortly before noon, he might even be lucky enough to have a few minutes alone with the Prince before anyone had informed him about last night's mishap.

He never told anyone in the family how much he had paid for their slaves, but it was generally felt that he had never practiced economy in acquiring such merchandise. At ten, rejuvenated by a hot bath, a vigorous massage by Demetrius, and a plunge in the pool, the Tribune returned to his rooms, dressed with care, and sauntered downstairs.

There was, however, another grievance that no one knew about except herself—and Diana.

They would all have to be careful now or they might get into serious trouble. She was not yet used to their flutterings and twitterings, for they had returned much sooner than usual, Spring having arrived and unpacked before February's lease was up.

Because she was only fifteen and busy with her growing up, Lucia's periods of reflection were brief and infrequent; but this morning she felt weighted with responsibility.

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