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First, there was a significant amount of stigma and skepticism when online dating was first introduced.

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Second, Jiayuan may have implemented their verification system simply due to the bad luck of a few scandals attached to their site.

I’ve seen little evidence of American users demanding verification, on the other hand, though I have heard a few anecdotal accounts of Americans giving up on online dating because of dishonesty.

The site ran a special event over a nine-day period that was sort of a cross between online dating and speed dating. Over a five-day proposal period, they could show up to 10 people on the site that they were interested in a date with them.

In addition, during that period, some participants could offer a “virtual rose” along with two of their date requests.

But verifying individual users’ height, income, education, and the like has to be done customer-by-customer.

Verification kills the scalability of a dating site.A company has to design the site, the user interface, and the matching algorithm.Though a site needs to add more servers as it grows, scaling is a relatively easy and low cost proposition if customers start arriving in large numbers.False advertising, or misrepresentation, is standard in any marketplace; the dating market is no different.While American dating sites have taken a laissez faire approach to lying, Asian dating sites have implemented serious measures to keep users honest.So Jiayuan developed a means for people to verify the claims they make on their profiles.

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