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CT's Throwback Thursday photo from September 2013 was a picture of himself and Diem watching the sunset that was taken from Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel.

At that point, it had been about six years since the two had been a couple and about a year since they had competed together on Battle of the Sexes — but all that time meant nothing next to this cute shot.

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Along the way, fans of the series also began rooting for her romance with fellow castmate Chris “CT” Tamburello, whom she first clicked with on 2006’s .

With his bad-boy persona and her girl-next-door vibe, the pair often seemed like opposites – even as their chemistry was clear to viewers.

"Of all the seasons, this is the one I'm most proud of, just because so much has happened through the years to where I am and who I am now.

It's an absolutely tragic day, especially if you're a fan of MTV reality shows.

Wednesdays are for Woman Crushes according to the Internet and CT bought right into that with this photo he posted to Instagram of Diem, once again encouraging people to support her during her battle with cancer.

, Diem Brown became a breakout star thanks to her competitive drive, warm charisma and the signature hair-flip that showed off her feisty playfulness.However, despite that, Diem still credited CT as being the one who made her feel beautiful and wanted and ladylike when she was going through her chemo.That this still means so much to her says a lot about their relationship.After a long and arduous fight with cancer, The Challenge star Diem Brown passed away on Friday in a New York City hospital.Not only did Diem have the endless support of family and friends, but she also had the love and sympathy of the wealth of fans who were following her account of her journey via her People magazine blog and her website, Med Gift.Diem passed away in November 2014 after after her ovarian cancer metastasized.

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