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The schools were located in urban and suburban areas, and 95 percent of the participants were not white.

More than 40 percent of the teens said they'd experienced cyber dating abuse within the past three months: 45 percent of females and 31 percent of males.

In addition, "these numbers clearly show that 'cyber dating abuse' is common," said study author Rebecca Dick, a clinical research coordinator of the Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health at the University of Pittsburgh."We need to support prevention efforts that increase education about the many different forms of abuse in adolescent relationships, and to encourage parents, teachers, coaches and others to talk to young people about what healthy relationships look like," she added.

It allows us to sort through more available people in a much quicker, easier way.""It really is the wave of the future," notes Brad Mindich, resident of People2People.com, one of the largest online matchmaking services.

"You don't have to go to a bar, and you don't have to rely on friends to fix you up.""People are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of online dating," adds Diana Costa, founder of Love Nubian When it first came out people said it's not going to last.

Well, TV is everywhere and Internet dating is too."There are plenty of success stories.

says that about 30,000 newcomers sign up each week, and that more than 800 marriages have taken place. People2People claims more than 1.5 million customers. In Richmond, Virginia, at least two men were robbed by two brothers after being lured to alleged meetings by a woman in an Internet chat room.

The findings were based on surveys of teens who visited northern California school health clinics, and don't hint at how common this kind of abuse among teens is overall.

But the study does suggest that females, non-whites and bisexuals are most vulnerable.They are looking for the person of their dreams through Web sites for dating services, chat rooms, email and posted messages, game rooms and special interest sites. They've postponed marriage and children to devote time to their careers.They're spending more time at work, moving around because of their jobs and spending longer hours commuting to their jobs.Many teens are abused online by the people they're dating, a new study suggests.This abuse can include being monitored, stalked, threatened and harassed through hurtful comments, the researchers said.The numbers were highest among non-whites (between 37 percent and 44 percent), those dating more than one person (61 percent), and bisexuals (56 percent).

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