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IU admitted in a later interview that she uploaded it by mistake, yet neither IU nor Eunhyuk ever admitted or denied being in a relationship after that.For the longest time, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were involved in many dating scandals, since visiting each other has become almost second nature to both of them.

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Schumer had been following Klein's work, and once she exited SNL, she asked her to be head writer on a pilot Comedy Central had committed to make.

Both Schumer and the show’s other executive producer, Dan Powell, credit Klein for helping come up with the format of the show.

She spent seven years watching tons of stand-up, reading mountains of pilot scripts, and developing shows like Strangers With Candy and Chappelle’s Show. “I would go to open mics just scoping them out, and they weren’t even full open mics, like they were the type of things you’d see in movies. I thought, If I can’t rise to this, there’s a larger problem.” In 2009, Klein landed as a writer and co-star on Michael and Michael Have Issues, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter’s Comedy Central show, which is where she met Schumer, before moving on to SNL.

It was her work at Comedy Central that piqued her interest in stand-up. She lasted there one season, writing the classic Brownie Husband sketch when Tina Fey was a guest host.

Both actors said that they only met as friends, yet some fans continued to wonder if that was truly the case.

Actor Seo In Guk cleared up rumors following the release of pictures taken of him and Girl’s Generation Yoona at a baseball game.

Rumors about Taecyeon and Jessica have been around since 2010, but they were never seen as a couple.

Jessica admitted that their shared American upbringing, along with other traits, were a cause for a friendly relationship, although the continued lack of other members during their get-togethers did strike fans as “too convenient.” IU was in the spotlight again when she was caught seeing a movie with actor Lee Hyun Woo, although their rumored love turned out to be false.

The story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up by the artists and their agencies, but some fans continued to wonder if it could be a cover up, and suspected the truth might still out there.

In November of 2012, a photo of what appeared to be a shirtless Eunhyuk and IU caused a dating rumor between the two.

“We met to talk about it, and we had drinks — a lot of them,” Klein says of her first meeting with Schumer.

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