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As its designation suggests the first JASDF F-86F unit, the 1st Sqn originally worked up on the type under the command of the simply designated (unnumbered) Air Wing that had been formed at Hamamatsu AB on December 1, 1955.

Following the formation of the 2nd Sqn in August 1956, the Air Wing was redesignated the 1st Air Wing on October 1 that year and assumed responsibility for conducting jet fighter pilot training courses.

Disbanded after only nine years of operations, this unit’s training duties were ultimately combined with those already undertaken by the 1st Sqn.

(See 11th Sqn for the 1st Air Wing/2nd Sqn’s involvement with what was to become the Blue Impulse aerobatic display team.) 2nd Sqn Markings The 1st Sqn’s black and yellow-chequered horizontal stripe on the tail plus a large, black-outlined white shield.

A lineup of 3rd Sqn F-86Fs at Misawa in October 1976; all sport the unit’s distinctive black-edged, red intake lips.

Assigned to the commanding officer, the nearest aircraft features the shark mouth drop tanks first introduced in the previous year.

The stripe’s colour variations denoted a specific 1st Air Wing maintenance team.

Formed under the Air Wing seven months after the 1st Sqn, the 2nd Sqn also fulfilled a training role (under the 1st Air Wing from October 1, 1956) by conducting the basic fighter course and was to remain at Hamamatsu for its entire existence.The 3rd was formed as the first actual fighter (as opposed to training) unit on the same day as the 2nd Air Wing at Hamamatsu.A progressive relocation to Chitose was completed on September 2, 1957, The 3rd received orders to assume responsibility for the interception of incursions into Japanese airspace on February 17, 1958, the 4th Air Wing’s units sharing quick reaction alert (QRA) duties.A fine study of a 1st Sqn F-86F on the Hamamatsu flight line in December 1975.The aircraft sports a broad high-visibility band on its fuselage and a red maintenance team identification stripe wrapped around the front of its tailfin.In 2014, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces commemorated the 60th anniversary of their foundation.

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