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Note that the tanks also carry the words 3rd Squadron and a blue and white arrow. Today the longest-serving JASDF squadron, the 3rd Sqn began re-equipping on the F-1 on September 26, 1977, remained at Misawa when transferred to the 3rd Air Wing on March 1, 1978.

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The shield contained a black number “2,” two arrows and, above them, the unit’s motto 不撓不屈 (, meaning unyielding or indefatigable).

As mentioned in the 1st Sqn account above, in the 1970s, a coloured tail stripe served to indicate a specific 1st Air Wing maintenance team.

In the JASDF, 2nd Sqn F-86Fs were unique in having a black or possibly dark green anti-glare panel painted forward of the cockpit canopy.

Its apex behind the cockpit, a blue and red chevron was painted on the fuselage of some aircraft.

Air Wing Formation Dates/Current Base Locations Commencing with the principal fighter units, both past and present, this section will be built up to provide extensive illustrated JASDF unit histories and markings coverage. 1–10, 101–105, 201–207, 301–306 and 501 as well as the Provisional F-35A Squadron), examples of the initial format are provided below.

Interspersed among the histories are photos of aircraft in special markings, such as those showing the process for painting an F-15J to mark the 40th anniversary of the 304th Sqn (link) in 2017.

The unit’s aircraft had two broader stripes (red, edged in black) from the time of their arrival at Misawa.

In 1975, the 3rd Sqn became the first JASDF unit to adorn one of its aircraft with a shark mouth design, albeit on the drop tanks of the then commanding officer’s mount.

Each front-line fighter and jet trainer unit comes under the command of an Air Wing.

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