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From 1941-1945 more than a million Yugoslavs died, more than half at the hands of each other.Tito rebuilt Yugoslavia as a Communist federation of six equal republics, but ethnic antagonisms were never far below the surface.

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For their part, the Croats viewed the Serbian minority as a group that had enjoyed special privileges under Communism.

Supported by the army and Serbia itself, the Serbs rose in armed rebellion.

The detention camps where Serbs are holding large numbers of Muslim prisoners are not, however, places of extermination in the Nazi sense.

The primary Serbian goal is to remove Muslims from an area comprising about two-thirds of Bosnia so that this territory can be merged into one lump with the two autonomous Serbian regions of Croatia and Serbia proper. At the same time, the Croatian army has helped Croats in Bosnia to take over much of the west of the republic that lies near Croatia's Adriatic coast.

The Serbs are Orthodox Christians whose religion was crucial in keeping alive their national identity during almost four centuries of Ottoman Turkish occupation.

Of the nations that formed Yugoslavia in 1918, the Serbs were alone in having liberated themselves from foreign rule and set up an independent state in the 19th century.Prosecutors had sought a life sentence, while Mladic’s defence lawyers said he should be acquitted on all counts.“The crimes committed rank among the most heinous known to humankind, and include genocide and extermination as a crime against humanity,” the judge said while reading out a summary of the judgement.They now control about a quarter of Croatia and have set up two autonomous regions that are under the protection of United Nations forces sent in to keep a fragile peace.Croatia has vowed to recapture these regions, by force if necessary.The Croats spent centuries under the Austro-Hungarian empire and their Catholicism and Central European outlook were equally important in shaping their identity.

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