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2) It’s About The Attraction, Not Your Success If you’re a successful woman, there’s something you need to know.

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What emotions are you inspiring in the man in your life?

Is your own success as a woman really threatening men?

This gives men a much wider pool of romantic candidates.

Mark, divorced and dating also complained to me, “Women are their own worst enemy when it comes to equality.

The kind of woman he would want to be with in a serious relationship. Does a man recognize you as the woman he wants to be with from the start? Now you’re starting to understand that a man doesn’t choose to be with you because of your resume.

He chooses to be with you because of your personality, and how you make him FEEL.

A mistake that lots of men make is assuming that the same skills that have created success in their professional life translate to their romantic life.

If a man too often “brings the office home” with him, it can have a negative impact on his love life. If you’re busy, stressed out, and can’t get out of “work mode”…

You can be “Woman of the Year” on paper but what truly captures a man’s interest and attention is the level of ATTRACTION he feels when he’s around you.

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