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When you have work experience, it is listed below your employment history.

Recent graduates should include their graduation date.

Remember to be honest and upfront, and cast your decision in the most flattering way possible, without placing blame or being negative.

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Of course, you also have the option of leaving college off of your resume entirely, which becomes a better option as you gain valid, relevant work experience.

There are many things you can include on your resume besides college, to highlight and prove your qualifications for a job.

If you don’t have a lot of work experience to prove your skills and capabilities on the job, it can be important to list any relevant college coursework, even if you didn’t graduate with a degree.

Here are a few options for including your education, as well as for mentioning credit you have earned for college-level work on your resume even though you didn't graduate.

It’s helpful to carefully proofread your resume or have a friend proofread it for you before you send it off to help you catch any typos, and make sure that the layout looks good.

You want to be sure as well that it’s formatted in such a way that it opens properly if you are emailing it with your application materials.

Any information found to be intentionally misleading will end your candidacy, and is grounds for firing if you have been hired.

There are a few different ways to include the fact that you attended college.

How to include education on your resume depends on when or if you graduated.

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