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“It worked out really well for him because he happened to find an asexual guy who he clicked with,” said Klechevsky.

It was always conflated with a bunch of other mental health diagnoses.

That’s sort of been the struggle for anyone who’s not heterosexual.”Klechevsky stressed the need for society to start considering romantic orientation as something separate from sexual orientation.

Once Mc Clave began to realize that asexuality really was a thing and that that thing needed a community, she decided to take on the role of forming one through weekly meetups and started Aces NYC.

Mc Clave and her partner, Levi Back, 20, a pre-med student at New York University, sat down to eat with members after an earlier to the Natural History Museum last month. “I’m a snuggle monster.” It’s Mc Clave’s first time dating another asexual, a chance she said she “jumped at”, eager for freedom from the pressure to be anyone’s sole source of sexual satisfaction.

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Previously, she had tried having a relationship with a sexual partner.

Mc Clave said she came out as an asexual from the get-go and laid it on thick, but liked the guy enough to give in to sex a few times for his sake.

“It was Sherlock fandom where I heard about it actually, and I was like, this is interesting.

Then I started looking more into it and realized that what I thought was sexual attraction was aesthetic attraction.

Inevitably though came the realization that having acquiesced a few times already would only make the slew of coming rejections more hurtful to her partner.

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