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In this sign, he no longer listens very well, or he is not as proactive in discussing positive or negative issues about you as a couple.He probably used to be intent on learning everything there was about you and wanting to please you.

You know you want to take things to the next level, but what about him?

How can you tell if he is just really not into you anymore?

The last thing you want is to let these signs create paranoia and preconceived notions that something could be wrong. The breakup could have been avoided if unaddressed issues were confronted earlier on when they first started happening.

The important thing to do with these potential triggers is to take note of them. Use these signals, and any others, as preventative strike to resolve any issues in your relationship.

The quality time you used to spend together now seems irregular at best. He tends to be more passive when it comes to scheduling dates.

Your sex life together becomes less regular or less intense.

Then you should approach your partner with a dialogue about the status of your relationship. What are some other signs you have experienced in your dating history that elude to the fact he is just not into you anymore?

Lying sucks, especially in relationships, but unfortunately, some people are really good at it.

All relationships go through periods of sexual lull, especially after the honeymoon period passes. Libido typically dies first when there are personal or relationship problems occurring as well.

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