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How far was this service uniform in various Churches?

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Out of these obvious actions ceremony developed, just as our vestments developed out of the dress of the first Christians.

It follows then of course that, when there was no fixed Liturgy at all, there could be no question of absolute uniformity among the different Churches.

In the same sense we distinguish the official services from others by calling them liturgical; those services are liturgical which are contained in any of the official books (see LITURGICAL BOOKS ) of a rite.

In the Roman Church, for instance, Compline is a liturgical service, the Rosary is not.

Thence it comes to have a religious sense as the function of the priests, the ritual service of the temple (e.g., Joel 1:9 , , etc.).

In the New Testament this religious meaning has become definitely established.

The other sense of the word liturgy, now the common one in all Eastern Churches, restricts it to the chief official service only -- the Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist, which in our rite we call the Mass.

This is now practically the only sense in which leitourgia is used in Greek, or in its derived forms (e.g., Arabic al-liturgiah ) by any Eastern Christian.

Their word, corresponding exactly to our Mass , is Liturgy.

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