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When we got out of the car and I asked for his ID, all three said, “You are in the wrong now, so it’s not your place to ask for his ID.” What did you say to that? I could overhear them telling him, “This is khalwat. ” I couldn’t call any of my lawyer friends because I didn’t bring my phone with me.

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I really didn’t want to go along, but I didn’t have my wallet on me, or my handphone, or my IC. At the police station, they then asked us for RM500 so that we could settle the issue right there and walk away. ” But then the officers all started threatening him again, telling him he couldn’t go back to Sydney, that they could do things to withhold his visa to re-enter Australia.

I said, “We are not paying you RM500.” But then my ex-boyfriend agreed to pay. That’s when they asked me for my home address, and I said, “No bloody way.” My ex-boyfriend then decided to call his friend to borrow the money. In the end, my ex-boyfriend caved in and called his friend. Yes, it took about 20 minutes for his friend to come to the station. ” Then my ex-boyfriend had to go to the bathroom and they started harassing me instead. Then my ex-boyfriend returned from the bathroom and everyone was quiet for a while. Then his friend arrived with the money, and he paid them off.

Civil marriage recognizes and creates the rights and obligations intrinsic to matrimony before the state.

When a marriage is performed with religious content under the auspices of a religious institution it is a religious marriage.

IN part two of stories about those who have encountered the religious police, freelance writer Nabila Nasir, 25, recounts the harassment and extortion she and a now ex-boyfriend experienced at the hands of moral guardians in mid-2007.

The KL-born and raised Nabila says that until today, she has no proof that the man who claimed to be a religious enforcer was really one at all.

After ice cream, we drove around and stopped at a park.

We kissed a bit, and after five minutes a police car pulled up behind us. In the car were three men — two in police uniform and one plainclothes. The plainclothes man said he was from the jabatan agama. ” I told my ex-boyfriend, “If anyone is going to get charged for khalwat, it’s going to be me and not you, so don’t listen to them!

Conversely, such practices may be outlawed and penalized in parts of the world out of concerns of the infringement of women's rights, or the infringement of children's rights (both female and male children), and because of international law.

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