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English and media teacher, Daniella Blechner, 36, from south London wrote Mr Wrong: Learn From Mr Wrong And Claim Mr Right to get to the bottom of her cycle of bad romantic luck after ten years of searching for The One.

She was overwhelmed by the response as she found herself inundated with dozens of unflinching accounts from women from all walks of life; from debut daters to the more experienced 'toxic bachelor addicts'.

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It seems only yesterday that my cherished friend Michelle was sitting across a restaurant table from me, giving me the hard sell on internetdating.

I'd had almost four years getting my head and heart back together after the end of my 20-year marriage and Michelle - who was doing an incredible job of battling terminal cancer and was very much on borrowed time - wasdetermined that I should get back "out there"."Liz", she said, the prettiest vision of spiky, post-chemotherapy hair and sparkly eyes imaginable.

I did an internet search for 'online dating’ and found, a set-up offering a feature known as ‘whispering’ - an ‘instant chat facility where members who are online can talk to each other in "real time"’.

There was an option to simply leave an e-mail if I didn’t fancy that idea, so I decided to have a stab at signing up. In the meantime, I consumed a small plantation’s worth of coffee and my resulting heart palpitations were probably responsible for several seismic rumblings somewhere in the Welsh valleys.

This initial social media-focused launch will precede the planned November start for the regular series, according to Variety.

Participants include Irish pop stars Jedward, Teen Mom contestant Farrah Abraham, Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson, Elliot Crawford, Courtney Act and Casey Johnson.

A woman know only as T is extremely candid about the man who cheated on her in her chapter Mr D And His Web Of Lies.

She tells how she discovered the awful truth one year later after taking part in a Miss Jamaica Contest - coincidentally alongside the other woman she knew nothing about Langely Denton from the US shares stories of miserable dates, including a judgemental man who was staring wistfully at the woman on the next table and 'Milton the Mortician' - who looked like an undertaker and casually checked OK Cupid on his phone throughout.

Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights.

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