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While you correspond with the male or female inmates, you will learn a lot about each other.You can meet that special prison pen pal who may have the same interests as you do.

Dating email pal pen

Many inmates have become out of sight, out of mind to their family and friends, offering friendship can be a great way to keep their spirits up and let them know they are not alone.

Receiving letters also helps to eliminate the monotony that goes along with being incarcerated and helps time pass more quickly.

Carly had confided in her friends but had sworn them to secrecy.

'She would say "Oh I fell over, I was clubbing, I had too much to drink." We had no reason not to believe her,' said Mrs Fairhurst.

It's amazing how a small amount of communication with the outside world can improve a prisoner's outlook on life.

Your letters are sure to remind them that they truly deserve a second chance.Just have patience and correspond with several inmates, so that you can learn more about each one of them, and then you will be able to select your favorite pen pal.We ask that you treat these inmates with dignity and respect. Most of them want to turn their lives around and be more successful when they return to regular life.All correspondence will be via the United States Postal Service, commonly known as snail mail.(note: some inmates now may have access to email/secure messaging services). written on the back - an acronym for Sealed With A Loving Kiss - and she decided to read them: 'I'm glad I read it because inside it declared that they loved each other, they were going to set up home together, she wanted a baby with him... She would come in 'with her fingers strapped up, her arm in a sling, bruises', but the Fairhurst said their daughter would dismiss her injuries.

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