Dating email contact database

Not everyone has a Linked In account or social profiles connected to their work email; therefore Mailtester is another great tool for finding out if you have the correct address of an individual.

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Outreach can cover many areas; online PR, asset promotion, content pitches, news sharing, broken link outreach and, in some cases for SEO, link removal requests.

A great way to improve the response rate of your outreach is to ensure you are getting in touch with the right person.

The above search on brings up head-beardy Moz tycoon Rand Fishkin’s email as the second result.

You can also search for the webmaster; this is particularly useful if you’re looking for a technical contact.

Now you’ve decided that filling out a contact form isn’t the way to go, but you don’t have any name to go by on your prospect, what’s next?

Many companies will have a generic website or department-specific contact and you can have much more success by contacting them than filling out a form.

Another great way to find someone’s email is to see if they’ve ever sent it to someone on Twitter (this is often the case with journalists).

The right search query in Twitter’s search function will bring it up if so.

The website of local manufacturer Martin’s Rubber is a great example of an easy-to-locate staff page.

It contains all relevant information, including contact details.

To track down a personal email for say, the Huffington Post, we can do a search for the following: It only took scrolling to the bottom of page one of Google to find this: From this we can make a solid guess that if you’re looking for a journalist who works at the Huffington Post, their email will be: FIRSTNAME. However, the last thing you want to do is write a well-thought-out message to a journalist and send it to a blind email.

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