Dating etiguette

When speaking of successes that have been a team effort, always use “we” instead of “I” to make it clear that others were involved.Don’t ever make negative comments about a coworker – or any comment that you wouldn’t make directly to that person.

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Taking credit for others’ achievements will cost you dearly in the long term.

It’ll badly affect your relationship with others, and make them less inclined to assist or cooperate with you in the future.

You need to develop an awareness of your coworkers, give credit where due, and avoid making negative comments about coworkers.

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You can develop awareness simply by watching how they work – knowing what their responsibilities are, what their daily challenges are, and what their busy periods are.

It’s also useful to talk to them – simply talking to people instead of speculating on their decisions or actions is the best way to get perspective.It’s important to give credit to others who’ve contributed to any achievement or success.You should also take your share of the blame or responsibility for mistakes or failures.Beneath this, corporate culture is the system of informal, unwritten rules.At a deeper level are the common values that guide these rules, with fundamental assumptions being deeper still.Being diplomatic requires you to be aware of your organization’s corporate culture.

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