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At this point, if I was ever to replace this guitar, I might consider a more personalized product.

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Bass Boost/Cut: /- 12 db @ 40 Hz, with a 4d B slope per octave.

Since the "active electronics" inside this guitar require a 9-volt battery to be able to produce an output, it is very much recommended to always have at least one extra good 9-volt battery and a small screwdriver handy to change the internal battery, if required, during a set.

The POT (potentiometer) code on my original volume control was R, a full half-a-decade before the guitar was built.

The take-a-way here is that Fender apparently produces great numbers of piece parts (necks and bodies) and apparently stockpiles them, sometimes for long periods of time.

The sound of the Jazz Bass has been fundamental in the development of signature sounds in certain musical genres, such as funk, disco, reggae, blues, progressive rock, heavy metal and jazz fusion.

First introduced in 1960 as the Deluxe Model, it was marketed as a stablemate to the Jazzmaster guitar which was also marketed as a Deluxe Model in its own right.

In this regard, the guitar's serial number and POT codes can be assumed to be only rough estimate of when the guitar was actually produced.

In my case: * The serial number dates to 2000, * The neck indicates it was made April 12, 2001, *The POT dates to 1996 but It is true that I am more than a little disappointed about this finding and reaffirms my appreciation for such quality instruments as those made by Heritage and Martin (who, unfortunately, do not make electric bass guitars).

The serial number infers this is a 2000 US-made Fender American Deluxe Five-String Jazz Bass that is dressed out after a Fender Custom Shop Time Machine Series American Vintage 1962 Fender Jazz Bass.

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