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Valentines Day is supposed to be a day of romance, but it's often a stressful time instead.Flowers are expensive and restaurants are booked solid.If only things were done and handled like they used to be.

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You might feel you have to live up to your partner's expectations.

Or, if you just started dating, you might not be sure if anything's expected at all.

Later in the marriage he did buy me flowers, but only on special occasions. I can’t always find them but when I do I always buy them.

To be honest, it stopped being special because it was expected. Countless people will be buying their significant others flowers. Isn’t it better to receive flowers randomly for no reason at all. Well, I will be honest, it would certainly make me happy to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day … In Victorian times, flowers had a language of their own.

In a new relationship, there are only three ways to deal with the Valentines challenge: Being single on February 14 can be depressing.

What if you're the only woman in the office that doesn't get flowers, or the only man who doesn't have a date that night?In reality, it's because of the loss of old school etiquette that, somewhere along the way, abruptly stopped being practiced or, sadly, even preached.Do yourselves a favor and picture yourself years ago when your grandparents, or even parents, were dating. Old school etiquette will never go out of style and here are some examples of how: When you think old school, the first thing you probably think of is flowers.Fortunately, there are alternatives to the Valentines frenzy.Whether you're single, dating, or celebrating your 50th anniversary, you can make it an enchanting day.Let me tell you, that definitely started things off on the right foot …

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