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‘Sorry,’ the judge said as she gathered herself to continue.

‘I just want to say I hope the family finds some peace and solace.’ Emotional day: Katie Stigell, left, sister of victim Cornelia Crilley and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, right, spoke in the court room after Alcala was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on Monday While he has been incarcerated in New York, he has not had library privileges so he has not been able to conduct research and work on his case and he intimated in court on Friday that he is eager to resume work on trying to get himself off death row. The convicted serial killer was placed in police custody.

A forensic dentist later found that a bite mark on Crilley's body was consistent with Alcala's impression, a law enforcement official said in December.

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Alas, many of the show tapes were erased (as was the standard in the day) but some of the hilarity has been preserved via some killer You Tube clips.

LOS ANGELES — The fun part about “The Dating Game” was how the person trying to blindly select a potential date — from among three people who could be heard and not seen — never knew who was going to come around the corner.

planted the seeds of what would become the modern reality dating show — there was the sassy bachelorette, the suitors vying for her attention, the winking double entendres, and, of course, the celebrity guest appearance.

From a pre-fame Steve Martin to young Michael Jackson, a host of celebrity guests stopped by during its heyday.

From breaking into vacation homes to stealing airplanes, this Barefoot Bandit is on the up and up, before going down in headline history.

From a lineup of “eligible bachelors,” she chose handsome bachelor number one, Rodney Alcala.A re-creation of that moment is part of the made-for-cable film “The Dating Game Killer,” to be shown Sunday on Investigation Discovery.Guillermo Diaz (“Scandal”) takes on the role of Alcala, and Carrie Preston (“The Good Wife”) plays Carol Jensen, a mother who tirelessly seeks justice for her murdered daughter.Although the precise victim count remains unknown, Alcala is thought to have killed as many as 130 women and children before he was finally captured in 1980.Playing Alcala is the latest in a long line of TV and film roles for Diaz that include “Mercy,” “Weeds” and “Girls.” None of his other acting jobs had the same effect on Diaz as the role as the serial-killer role.“Luckily enough, once we started shooting, all of that went away because I could just concentrate on the work,” Diaz said.Preston’s character isn't based on a real person but is a mix of several women who lost children to the serial killer.

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