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Don't hesitate to go on the small streets such as Jati Baru or Jelita: They are the closest you'll get from an arab-style open-air bazaar in Jakarta.

Located in a rich neighborhood, many of its shops are now targeting hipsters, expats and students.

Photo by Reyna Jung Tanah Abang is probably the craziest shopping experience you can have in Jakarta.

Most shop keepers are Indo-Chinese and sell from frogs to fireworks.

Don't forget to walk in the small gangs (tiny streets).

There are around 150 traditional markets all around Jakarta, with over 100,000 stalls and 2,000,000 daily visitors.

The opening hours may vary but they will always be the most crowded early morning.I only visited a few, often by coincidence: Pasar Rumput and nearby Pasar Manggis are quite old and kind of dirty.If you are adventurous though, they will provide plenty of great photo opportunities.In particular, you will find endless fruits and vegetables shops.Due to its off-center position, it is not as popular with tourists as it should.It is one of the few areas in Jakarta with becak (cycle rickshaw) and sepeda ojek (bicycle taxi).

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