Dating hand hewn beams

From 8×8 to 10×14 these beams look great as is or can be wire brushed and polished for a cleaner look.Many of our clients have used them as […]Before the switch to either stainless steel or oak, many wineries in California used redwood tanks to store and age wine.

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We’ve acquired some special Cabernet wine tanks including staves from one of California’s oldest wineries, Digardi, founded in the 1860’s in Martinez.

Beautifully stained by years of wine grape tannins, these incredible pieces […]The scaly, feathering appearance of our water tank material exudes a rustic, rugged persona.

Why not incorporate wood to create an environment of warmth, charm and character?

We have a number of beautifully weathered reclaimed options that will liven any room.

Measuring a full two inches thick, the material is perfect for furniture or […]Early engineers turned to massive beams to carry the structural loads of California’s first bridges.

Currently, we have some select 6×16, 10×18, 12×14 and 16×16 redwood reclaimed from these structures.

Reclaimed redwood is often taken from massive beams used in old bridges or other major construction projects.

These gigantic heartland timbers are not available except as salvaged lumber and cannot be reproduced by today’s young-growth forests.

Available in original milled sizes or re-milled at our location, you will not find a better selection of heartwood and clear lumber reminiscent of a bygone era.

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