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Why not incorporate wood to create an environment of warmth, charm and character?We have a number of beautifully weathered reclaimed options that will liven any room.

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We’ve acquired some special Cabernet wine tanks including staves from one of California’s oldest wineries, Digardi, founded in the 1860’s in Martinez.

Beautifully stained by years of wine grape tannins, these incredible pieces […]The scaly, feathering appearance of our water tank material exudes a rustic, rugged persona.

Available in: Doug fir, Redwood, Antique tobacco oak Create your own custom space by choosing planks in a variety of wide widths and lengths not available at your normal flooring store.

With outstanding durability and unmatched beauty, a reclaimed floor will become the center piece of any space.

Measuring a full two inches thick, the material is perfect for furniture or […]Early engineers turned to massive beams to carry the structural loads of California’s first bridges.

Currently, we have some select 6×16, 10×18, 12×14 and 16×16 redwood reclaimed from these structures.

These tanks are still found on farms throughout the country and scatter the New York City skyline.

Left alone, the interior faces of tank staves have a feathery, scaly appearance caused from years of use and varying liquid levels.

After […]Reclaimed from a large water reservoir in Mountain View, we have a large selection of clear all heart redwood 2x material.

Much of it from structures pre-dating the 1930’s, the lumber hails from an era when two inch meant two inch.

The Old San Francisco Bay Bridge, a landmark architectural piece for the Bay Area, was completed on November 12, 1936.

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