Dating hes shy

Since I’ve been a musician and have sung in several Choirs I’d suggest you take your love of music and use that angle to your advantage because he has to love it too. I started talking to him after I had a terrible flu and I mistakely ended up in the kitchen with him.Everyone avoids him because he is the son of the boss.IF he doesn’t then perhaps he’s not the strong confident man you deserve.

This would also make me believe he doesn’t think you would be attracted to him even if you give him every available sign.

If he does get it and just maybe believes you ARE attracted to him then I’d assume he just doesn’t know what to do next and rather than risk it, keeps to him self in a safe bubble often surrounded by other people.

Even his own brother stands far away when talking to him. I wave and say bye to him in the evenings when I leave and he always smiles and replies or sometimes he greets me before I can greet him.

Later on that same week my computer gave me some issues and when I asked my colleagues what should be done they told me that I should tell someone to tell D, I was told not to approach him because he would bite my head off.

He’s even approached me when I was alone and I’ve flirted with him in a fun playful way which he seemed to enjoy.

I’m not sure if he realises that I am interested in him.

Most of the employees are terrified of him because of his tall stature and his apparent inability to be nice to people.

His default setting according to everyone is set to constantly rude.

You might have to open up a conversation with him while you’re in that group and see how he responds.

Knowing that what you get back not might be what you want or expect. It pains me to say this but you might have to become the suitor. Hope your decision works out the best it can for you and I do sincerely hope he finds a way to believe in himself enough to give this thing a real shot. If you have any follow ups or something wonderful to tell me, please leave them on this page.

I’ve found women will rarely ever accept that choice.

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