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It is an opportunity to come and meet others in our community in a safe, welcoming home environment. These events are scheduled during weeknights, Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoon get togethers.

As a member, you can also post here when you are going out to invite others to join in. Once a month or so, on a Thursday evening we meet at Bar Rouge in DC.

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We offer trainings and support so that you can begin making strides in developing and comfortably expressing your natural feminine side. is our orientation that the more often we come out and socialize together, the more comfortable and confident we become in integrating these parts of our selves.

We encourage to become members here those who are transgender, either emerging cross dressers, bi-gender, or transsexual, as well as our significant others and spouses, any friends and allies. As such, these events are for those who are passable and not so passable, as we all share something precious together in the gender continuum.

This Community site is designed for you to network, learn, grow, and come together socially in safe, trans friendly venues.

regional area for transgender women, cross dressers, bi-gender, gender fluid, and transsexuals and their partners, families, allies, and friends.

And admirers may wish to review members profiles and reach out appropriately to only those ladies that have indicated specific interest in being contacted. Our Trans Ladies' events include: MONTHLY SOIREESTrans ladies, their partners and friends are invited to join us in monthly Soirees held in safe, lovely locations in the DC area.

Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable setting for socializing and meeting new ladies, group sharing, and discussions. Just introduce yourself to the Hosts and we will make you feel welcomed.

There were blogs that were created that only had one or two posts. And then there were the bloggers that signed-off with good reason, such as the arrival of a baby. There was some notion, back then, that blogging might humanize by opening the door to lives. The live feed was overtaken by commercial blogs as people shifted more to business models.

DC shook up the town with a never-ending takes on all that is wrong with DC. Some persisted for many years until they were gradually abandoned.

Members also offer makeovers and support in learning to dress as a woman.

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