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The girl-meets-girl plot solves the problem conveniently: Instead of Jessica learning to be happy on her own, she simply doubles her roster of potential partners and thus her chances at happy coupledom.When she finally chooses Josh, it's on her own terms and on a much wider romantic playing field.As the relationship between the two women unfolds, they both explore universal issues such as what they really want in a relationship, what is fair to ask of the other person, and how family and friends figure into the equation.

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Ultimately, both women come to realize that Jessica is more attracted more to the want to admit exists – she has primarily dated men in the past but is attracted to both men and women, and genuinely open to dating either.

She is also smart, attractive, and likeable, with a penchant for pushing herself and others to take risks and explore new ideas.

To be fair, lesbians are also overly preoccupied with this scenario, using it as an excuse to espouse bi-phobic rhetoric and to assure each other that while they don’t necessarily have a problem with bisexuality Since some of my best friends (and ex-girlfriends) are bisexual women who are neither dishonest, easily seduced, nor just waiting around for Mr.

Right, I find these attitudes offensive, silly, and just plain ignorant.

fits the blueprint laid down in these older films, its purpose is slightly different.

The '30s comedies of remarriage tried to solve the problem of how men and women could be equals in marriage—equals not only publicly but also privately.Cavell saw these movies as heralds of new models of marriage, in which partners would be equal and bound by their (continually reaffirmed) consent, instead of simply by the official sanction of church or society."grew up together," Josh and Jessica are supposed to have dated in college, when Josh was one of Jessica's older brother's friends.Tracy gets drunk and dives into a pool with a cute Jimmy Stewart (and has to think, for a good part of the next morning, that she's slept with him).Jessica meets Helen and has a symbolic return to adolescence. When she finally gives it up, it's in her childhood bed at her parents' house, surrounded by stuffed animals.gets a lot of mileage from Jessica and Helen's awkward courtship, in the end the lesbian romance serves to solve an entirely different problem: How to give Jessica a fresh start with her college boyfriend Josh Meyers.

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