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Women from Arab countries are exceptionally gorgeous and a majority are blessed with natural beauty.

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Saudi Arabian men …I don’t know which typology of saudi men did you refer to in your question but anyways.

before all you need to understand the Saudi men typologies trying to reply to your question.

Most of these marriages lead to chaotic problems after all when he pulls of the responsibility upon his marriage.

To Sum on the reasons might be:1- Interest toward another culture.2- Need for whats being restricted.3- a parent blend that leads to a seeked end.4- The marry and run away from local responsibilities.5- The make me famoud wannabe marriages.

They have to marry a cousin or else a female form the same tribal it really matters in which tree the hierarchy of their name will go.

They want to keep their coming generations pure from unfriendly tribes to or non tribal mixture that would change the pure transition of the generations within a tribe.

Saudi men are of 5 types:1- Lived in Saudi Never traveled - Tribal minded : Old Men: (50 and above)They are of less chance to be educated, they have observed huge transformations, they didn't have laws prohibiting marriage from a foreign female.

Yet they are so attached to old traditions and their tribal principles.

Most Arabic women look like models with model like height and figures. Aamina, Aisha, Fatima, Habibah, Halimah, Jamilah, Khadijah Did you know?

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