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I told them how Edwin had been trained by Koldasians since a small"He was obviously trying to obtain the location of 'Q' and 'A' Base out of you.

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But on the evening of the 27th, we at "Q" Base were not aware that anything was amiss and we expected a routine transmission. Emergency escape compartments will then take the students and personnel to the surface with cables.

After Edwin was put into a receiving condition, instead of hearing Valdar or one of the others, we heard, to our astonishment, words in a strange language After a few minutes, we heard Eeso say, "Speaking.. Then 'Q'constant struggle for power with war and bloodshed taking place in many areas of this jewel of a planet... For the students it has been a most valuable experience...

The South, the more aggressive, developed atomic power before the North, and a struggle for control of the whole planet developed.

The Northemers feared their opponents' superior weapons and an arms race was the result which turned into an explosive situation when the South gained complete control of the two moons from where guided missiles were trained on the North.""the Southnation struck!

How the planet became uninhabitable and how the population had to start life again elsewhere.

I will ask Zyloo to give you a special transmission on Mars.Valdar kept his word and on June 4th, 1975, we received a radio transmission, but not by Zyloo.This came from Atra, a Koldasian who spoke English very well..." A giant warhead containing missiles, each of which was capable of destroying an area of at least 160 kilometers in diameter, was launched from one of the moons. It was almost total destruction for the North and thegiant arsenals exploded, shock after shock rocked the planet. When these died down the greater ordeal began for those who survived the initial blasts.Radiation killed many, and more died from starvation as the food and water supplies were contaminated."What an experience it must have been for them to walk on their new planet and feel for the first time the warmth of their sun and the blessings of rain. No Astrael-craft can reach us from Melchor because of the magnetic turbulence which causes violent buffering to Conversation was now much easier and Eeso sounded greatly relieved. With our mission completed for the moment, we waited for two days to make contact again with the huge craft.

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