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“He pushed me on the bed and jumped on top of me, and physically attacked me,” she recalled. I said no.” Sallie reportedly told two friends and a colleague about the attack.A year after the incident, Sallie claims she ran into Simmons in a hotel lobby in South Florida during a music conference.TONI SALLIE The Black Radio Exclusive reporter told the she met Simmons while on assignment and that the two went on a few dates before she decided they were not a match.

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Below is a complete list of sexual misconduct allegations against Simmons: JENNIFER JAROSIK Jennifer Jarosik, an aspiring filmmaker, sued the music mogul for $5 million alleging Simmons raped her in his home in 2016, according to The Blast.

Jarosik alleged she met Simmons in New York City in 2006 after which he agreed to co-produce, finance and assist on a documentary she was making about empowering women.

I have accepted that I can and should get dirt on my sleeves if it means witnessing the birth of a new consciousness about women.

What I will not accept is responsibility for what I have not done.

There, the woman claims Simmons brought her to his hotel room and allegedly raped her.

In a statement from his rep, Simmons denies the allegations to PEOPLE, saying, “I vehemently deny all the allegations made against me.In the last few days, one woman attempted to extort me for 0,000 only to recant her ridiculous claim.The current allegations sent to me by the “I have already apologized for the instances of thoughtlessness in my consensual relations.Simmons poured drinks for her and tried to kiss her; soon he was “on top of me, pushing me down and him saying, ‘Don’t fight me,'” she said.“I did nothing, I shut my eyes and waited for it to end.” She later told her ex-husband, her psychologist, another therapist and a former roommate about the alleged rape.A total of 16 women have now accused music producer and entrepreneur Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct.

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