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This was shown in a research paper by the psychologist Elaine Hatfield.

If you want to know how they will treat you in 30 years, look at how they treat their parents now.

Researchers of the University of Alberta questioned 2970 people of all ages and saw a clear correlation between the relationship to the parents in their teen years and their love life later on.

If you have found a woman like that, never let her go again.

Is your girlfriend the type of person who always sees the glass as half full?

These people don’t just prioritize the goals of their partners, they tend to co-opt them completely.

This has been shown by a study of the University of British Columbia.

There is no better buffer than intelligence." The idea is that a smart partner never stops challenging you intellectually, which helps you keep your mental faculties keen forever.

Everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions sometimes.

You need a healthy combination of personal goals and goals you pursue together.

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