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"And your life, at the age of 26, has gone nowhere so far.I'm sure you're very motivated to keep out of trouble and to keep away from drugs."That is the starting point, but it's not going to end there.She claimed she was caught in a vicious circle of getting a job but losing it once her employers found out about her criminal record.'I thought what was the point in getting a job if it was only going to be for one or two months? Kim explained how her thieving began as a child desperate to provide food for her family before evolving into a 'personal shopping business'.'People would say they wanted to spend £200, so I would go out to somewhere like Next and get £400 worth of stuff and give them it for £200,' she explained.

The suspected shoplifter mowed the woman down and when she fell off from the hood, he sped off in a silver car, according to Erlanger police on Monday.

The employee, who has not revealed her name because she works undercover at the store, is recovering at UC Medical Canter with a bruised hip, a concussion, and is wearing a neck brace, her husband said.

There's a lot to do, and it's only going to happen if you try very hard."Judge Thomas told Thirwell that he must complete a nine-month rehabilitation programme, as part of his 12-month community order.

A former shoplifter who made £2million from stealing goods over her 40-year criminal career is desperate for a job to help her escape the benefits trap, but claims no one will employ her because of her past.

The reformed criminal appeared on ITV's This Morning where she begged someone to give her a chance because she would put the same 'passion' into the work as she did her stealing.'I've tried to get a job but now I've exposed myself it's worse.

They don't want to give me a chance,' she explained.

Single mother-of-six Kim Farry, 56, from Fulham, London, was dubbed the 'millionaire shoplifter' after she made a 'business' out of her ill-gotten gains, which saw her jailed seven times.

She now lives solely on benefits after giving up stealing for her children, but said she struggles to live on '£60 a week' and can't get a steady job as she always loses work when employers find out about her criminal record.

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